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Sell my CPA Firm
If you are operating a sole-proprietorship or small CPA Firm the time will eventually come where you will want more leverage in your business - either by way of professional labor or a defined exit strategy. Like the Partners at De Joya Griffith you are likely entrepreneurial and hardworking and that is what got you to where you are? But after ten or twenty years or more of operating your own firm, what's next? Perhaps there is a better way. At De Joya Griffith we provide you the answers to your desires. Align yourself with a growing CPA Firm that is evolving into a global brand.
Meet our partners
De Joya Griffith, LLC was founded in 2005 on the premise of exceeding our client's expectations and our commitment to building personal relationships with our clients. We continue to experience substantial growth and have offices in Las Vegas, Chicago, New York, India, and China, with more soon to come. Our Partners are experienced professionals in all aspects of Audit, Tax and Business Consulting. We are a highly technological professional services firm that seamlessly provides services to our clients despite their physical location. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation using the Start Today button on this page.

Our Mission is to meet the strategic needs of our partners, employees and clients through our dedication to knowledge based services.